When people search for homes, the first things that they will see are the main photos of the listings.

Very good photos can successfully make the “window-shoppers” click on your ad, but a good title can convert them to potential guests.

To lengthen the short-term attention spans of most “lookers,” you need to have a good title for your listing.

Most people will decide whether to continue checking your listing out based on the title alone. Your job is to make people read your headline, make them continue to the listing details and convert them to “bookers.” 🙂


How To Write The Airbnb


Here Are Some Tips On How To Write The Airbnb Listing Title




1. Highlight The Valuable Amenities


Search for other homes in your area and note their amenities such as a fireplace, smart TV with Netflix, a beautiful garden, or even the house’s proximity to convenience stores or popular tourists’ destinations.

Now, list your home’s selling points.

Is it just a 5-minute walk to a river? Is it close to Disneyland? How close? Does your home have a heated bathroom seat and floor? Is your home solar-powered?

A “free parking” space is often a “luxury” in crowded condominiums and busy cities. Putting it in your listing title will also help.

Don’t worry about perfecting your title when you are just starting out. As your guests leave reviews, you’ll have ideas on what they love about your home and you can revise your title accordingly.


2. Maximize The 50 Characters


The first few words in your title are very important. Depending on the device your viewers are using, the last few words in your title can get cut-off.

Put the most important words in the first part of your title so that mobile viewers can see the “highlights” of your listing.

how to write airbnb
The last few words in the title can get cut off in the mobile search view.


Make use of the 50 characters, though, since people who view your listing from a desktop can still see your full title on the search page.


3. Make Use Of Abbreviations And Symbols


Since you are limited to 50 characters, make use of each character wisely. Using “w/” in place of the word “with” will convey the same message for lesser characters needed.

Putting symbols such as a heart (♥) or a star (☆) can also add an impact to these blocks of words.


4. Identify Your Target Audience


Sometimes your house will just look “normal” because all other Airbnb homes in your area have the same amenities as you do. You might have a balcony with a great view, a pool in the building, a free gym and are located next to a mall, but so are your neighbors –  and they offer a lesser price!

So how do you make them read your listing instead? Customize who your home is for!

During the initial stages of furnishing your house, expect the need for your home to stand out!

Decorating it for a “calm” and relaxing vibe can make it ideal for a quick escape from the busy streets outside. People who are looking for a quiet vacation will probably be your frequent bookers.


5. Never Stop Revising


Aside from making use of guests’ reviews to know what other people might also love about your home, you can keep on improving your title depending on the season or time of the year.

Your house might have a very nice rooftop that people can watch fireworks from. Here, you can revise your title from December to January, to sell it as “Best View For New Year’s Eve!” Don’t forget to change your title again once you are already booked for New Year’s Eve. 🙂




1. Never Use All Capital Letters


You can, however, make the first letter of the word a capital letter to make it stand out more.

For example, instead of writing “BEST FOR STAYCATION,” use “Best For Staycation.”


2. Elaborate Your Adjectives


Some of the most-used adjectives that are a waste of characters are “cozy, comfy, convenient, central, luxurious and clean.”


Cozy – Your photos will show it.

Comfy – Is it the bed? Then say “Therapeutic Bed,” only if you have it.

Convenient – Use “Close To Everything” – only if that’s the case. Otherwise, be specific, like, “5 Minutes Walk To Train.”

Central – They will see it on the map so no need to mention it.

Luxurious – What does your house have the isn’t usually found in other rental spaces? A jacuzzi? A heated bathroom floor? Mention it.

Clean – This is one of the “scariest” adjectives that you should avoid using. Your guests’ reviews probably mention it 100x but your unit is only clean as your last review. If your cleaner misses a strand of hair in the white sheets, you are in trouble. LOL.


Use your adjectives wisely. 🙂


3. Forget The House Type


Are you renting out a studio, townhouse, apartment or bungalow? Is it just a bedroom or the entire space?

You need not mention it as it will show up in the listing by default.


4. Don’t Worry About The Number Of Bedrooms And Beds, Too!


There is a filter on the search page where the viewers can narrow down their search according to the number of bedrooms or beds.

Even if they don’t use the filter, the number of beds will appear just the same. You don’t have to be redundant.


5. No Need To Mention The Location


The location is probably the first thing that your viewers type in the search box. You can just elaborate on your location in the “summary” of your listing.

If you are located in between two very nice cities and your proximity to both is very good, that’s probably worth mentioning in the first few paragraphs of your summary – but not your title.


6. Write The Title For Your Guest, Not For Your Convenience


I see some listings that have their Ads titled like a filename. Apartment 1A and 1B, or Michelle’s House 1 and Michelle’s House 2 are probably convenient to the property manager, but not enticing enough for viewers to check out.


You’ll never perfect your title, that’s for sure. But as your views and clicks grow in number, you’ll know what works and not.


Keep on improving! 🙂


If you have questions, I’d love to talk about it in the comments section. Leave your thoughts in the comments area below.






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    1. Hi Nolan,

      The easiest way would be to open Google Docs.

      1. Select “Insert”
      2. Click on “Special Characters”
      3. On the search box, type the symbol name you want. E.g. star
      4. Select the symbol on the left
      5. Once it is selected, it will appear in the blank document.
      6. You can now copy and paste it in Airbnb title box.

      Please refer to the photos below. 🙂

      how to create symbol

      how to create symbol

      Kind Regards,

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